In 1999, the ladies wing of the Century Welfare Association carried out a survey surrounding its region to assess the needs and aspirations of the women and young ladies. They found that many them had an acute problem of leisure and had nowhere to meet and organise themselves in a coherent and meaningful manner.

The desires of the inhabitants were to have a common base from where they could operate as a group, indulging in physical and educational activities. Thus a small group of about 20 dedicated ladies started meeting at the association. The Women Centre is now a 600m2 building consisting of numerous facilities with over 100 members.



  • Aerobic and fitness centre
  • Kitchen
  • Computer laboratory
  • Fully equipped conference room
  • Classes
  • Library


Aims and objectives

  • To provide a platform for women to meet and socialize
  • To provide a set up for women to organize themselves into purposeful groups
  • To promote women empowerment
  • To promote women entrepreneurship
  • To provide training for and development of women


Activities and services

  • Sensibilisation campaign such as social and family issues, health and well-being …
  • Empowering women and promoting women entrepreneurship
  • Aerobic classes in the afternoon
  • Cookery, dress-making, embroidery courses
  • Seminar on social leadership for women
  • Helping battered and divorced women by counselling and follow up visits
  • Visits to the poor and needy and distribution of foodstuffs
  • Free medical check-up for the elderly
  • Running of the ‘Ecole d’Accompagnement’ and providing various vocational training
  • Outing