Training kitchen

In an effort to help the women of the region to be economically self reliant, the ladies Wing has set up a Training kitchen to impart culinary and Home Economics course to women of the region of P-Verte, Valle Pitot, Camp Yoloff and other surrounding regions. The training kitchen and course is open to all women and young ladies irrespective of race or origin.


  • Impart culinary and Home Economics lessons to young girls and women.
  • Train the ladies of the region in preparing balanced meals for the good health of their families.
  • Facilitate the women in developing small enterprises for the making and selling of home made cookeries and foodstuffs, thus achieving some economic dependencies.
  • Afford the women a decent and well structured environment where, as a group, they will be able to develop their talents for cookery and for joining hands together for an economic activity.


Century Welfare Association

Let Our Deeds Speak For Us.

Founded January 1969