Since its inception the association has been involved in sports activities like swimming, weight lifting and football ,with the latter being the pole of attraction for members. At a time when the general tendency was to constitute football teams on a communal basis, the association stood firm against and let its doors wide open to players of all communities despite being located in a region with an overwhelming majority of one community only. In 1994, the association was competing among clubs of P-Louis in the division II regional level. Within 5 years the association has won successively all the competitions and was the winner of the division I at national level. The association ,which should have been playing in the MIKO League in the year 2000 alongside with the Fire Brigade, Sunrise and others had not been given the opportunity to do so because of the sad events which had upset the capital causing untold sorrow to peace loving people of this country.

In the light of these sad events the leading members of the association put their heads together and thought about how to contribute in a significant way to help improving the situation and to bring peace, harmony and understanding in the city of P-Louis among various ethnic groups. We were among the first to take position in favour of the reorganization formula for football. We instituted a workshop and the outcome of which was a remarkable document, which was submitted to the President of the Mauritius Football Association. We are proud to note that many of our suggestions were retained by the football council.

To be honest and logical to ourselves we took the bold and wise decision to dissolve our football club and to propose a fusion with a fellow club of the capital-the Roche Bois/St Martin club. The fusion has resulted in the formation of ASPL 2000 which is the proud representative of the city of P-Louis in the actual top national division level. ASPL 2000 has been the champions for four consecutive years and has participated in the African Cup.

What were the features, which prompted us to take that decision? In fact we were very much concerned with the prevailing social conditions in the wake of the two events namely the riots in connection with Kaya’s death and the burning of the L’Amicale de P-Louis. We believe that such things should never happen again. Since our team was located in P-Verte it would have been difficult to eradicate the communal perception in the mind of the public. What was the need of playing at the top level if the same thing would repeat itself? Were we prepared to assume responsibilities for any such things happening again?

We came to the conclusion that the best decision was to dissolve the football club and to join hands with others in order to build a national team representing the capital comprising of people of all ethnic groups. In so doing we were putting an end to our history. But it was at this expense that we could save P-Louis from further violence and at the same time give football a new start. It was really sad to put an end to our existence as a football club for about 30 years of glory and fame. But we wanted above all to be patriots. History will always recall our sacrifice in the name of national unity.