When a rope is totally entangled, you try to find its end so that it can gradually be unravelled. Today our life is tied in knots much like this entangled rope - in its economy, in its politics, in its society, in our day to day affairs, in our psychological issues, in our societal affairs, and in our homes. There are innumerable knots which have enmeshed our rope of life. We need to find at least one end of this rope from some side. We must ensure that after we find an end, we do not procrastinate. We must unravel the mesh completely.

The end of the rope for mankind is their qalb. Whenever we see that this rope has managed to escape from our grip and our lives have escaped from our grasp and taken a wrong turn, we need to return to the same starting point and begin our work once again. We must guard over it and keep it under our watchful eyes. These are the aspects we need to be anxious about. We need to remember our upcoming meeting with Allah as many times as possible throughout the day. And with Allah's Grace, we must recite The Quran as much as possible. In fact, there is no difference between these two acts, since a greater part of Quran reminds us of death and invites us to prepare for our life in the Hereafter. Thus, both these actions are mutually integrated.

It becomes apparent that it is these very principles that became the bedrock for the great revolution in human history that occurred within the 23 years of the Prophet's mission. He was able to make his followers realize that unless they cleanse their hearts and follow the dictates of the law, they would remain in a state of ignorance and sin. This change of heart eventually gave them the leadership of the world within one generation.

Compiled From:
"A Righteous Heart: The Axis of One's Deeds" - Khurram Murad