Footsteps of Abraham

You are in the pure, white dress of ihram in the sanctuary of God, in the role of Abraham. You stand in the Station of Abraham, step in the footprint of Abraham, stand facing God and recite your formal prayer for Him.

Step into the midst of the fire, the fire of tyranny, ignorance—in order to save humanity from the fire—the fire of tyranny, ignorance. The fire, which is part of the destiny of each responsible human being, responsible for illumination and salvation. But the God of monotheism turns the fire of Nimrodians into a red rose for the Abrahamians! You will not be burned. You will not turn into ashes. The purpose was that you move through jihad by going towards—the fire—so that the self is offered in moving to save the masses from the fire, until the most painful of martyrdoms.

Sacrifice your Ishmael with your own two hands. Place your knife at his throat in order to remove the knife from the throat of the masses, the masses who have continuously been slaughtered at the feet of palaces of power built from plundered treasures and at the threshold of deceiving, humiliating temples. Place the blade against the throat of your own Ishmael so that you gain the power to take the blade away from the executioner. But the God of Abraham Himself pays the ransom for all Ishmaels. You do not kill. You do not lose your Ishmael. The purpose is to move in the Way of Faith to the point where you have sacrificed your Ishmael with both hands, until the most painful of martyrdoms.

O you who appear in Abraham’s role, who stand in Abraham’s Station, who stand upon the footsteps of Abraham and who give the hand of allegiance to the Hand of Abraham's God: Live like Abraham and in your own age, be the architect of the Kabah of faith. Move your people out from the stagnant swamp of life, from the dead-like living, from the quiet sleep of the abasement of tyranny and from the darkness of ignorance. Give them direction. Call them to the hajj. Circumambulate. And you, O ally of God! O in step with Abraham! O you who have come from the circumambulation, from the annihilation of 'self' in the circumambulating masses! You who have emerged in the shape of Abraham, who are standing in the place of the architect of the Kabah, founder of the sacred city, the Masjid al-Haram, and face to face with your ally, God!: Make your land a sacred area. For you are in the sacred area. Make your age a sacred time. For you are in the sacred time. Make the earth into a sacred mosque. For you are in the Masjid al-Haram. For ‘the earth is God’s mosque’. And you see that: It is not.

Compiled From:
"Hajj: Reflection on its Rituals" - Ali Shariati


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