Al-e-Imran (The House of Imran) - Chapter 3: Verse 195 (partial)

"... Never will I allow to be lost the work of any of you, whether male or female ..."

This is an encouragement to the believers who were experiencing severe torture and persecution for actively responding to the Islamic message during its most critical phase. The torture and persecution, however, could not make the believers abandon their faith and revert to their previous state of unbelief.

The Muslim community was passing through a phase of hijrah and jihad. They are the ones who supported the cause of truth, risking whatever they possessed for the love of Allah. These early Muslims included the free as well as slaves, and men and women who suffered horrendous forms of torture and persecution, so reprehensible in fact, that just reading about them makes one's hair stand on end. The enemies of Islam specially targeted weak Muslims, women and the slaves. It was indeed the miracle of Islam that all these hardships and persecution failed to make even a single Muslim renounce his or her belief. The poor and weak ones among them proved to be far more firm and resolute during this trial.

The special message of consolation and encouragement given in the above verse for the oppressed Muslims has a special significance. They served the cause of Allah's din, Islam, and they all, men and women, will receive their full recompense. The addition of the words "whether a male or a female", confirms that Allah's promise of reward includes all men and all women striving and suffering for the Divine cause, and striving side by side. How great an encouragement it must have been for these oppressed men and women, and how important the light of hope that it enkindled in the hearts of these oppressed women who were subjected to the worst forms of persecution simply because of embracing Islam.

Compiled From:
"Pondering Over The Quran: Surah Ali Imran" - Amin Ahsan Islahi