Whatever of Allah's blessings you receive - His forgiveness, His rewards, His pleasure, and eternal comfort - all will be by dint of your own effort. You will receive these because of your actions. This will be the reward of your own striving. Life is the most precious thing of all. Assume full responsibility for it. Just as a shopkeeper tends his store, a businessman takes care of his trade, or a farmer carefully looks after his farm, you too should take the reins of your life in your hands. So, do open and close the shop at the right times, settle the accounts on a daily basis, and tend to your farm. When you strive to set yourself and your life right, when the desire to succeed here and in the Hereafter overwhelms you, Allah will keep on opening new avenues of growth and progress for you.

Allah only wants two things from you: one, determination, and second, effort and struggle, both accompanied with the purity of iman. After that, you will find nothing lacking in His patronage and reward. Always be wary of your actions. Adopt khushu (submissiveness and humility) towards Allah, He Who is Merciful and Compassionate. Have faith in His Grace and Mercy and in the truthfulness of His promises. Associate all your hopes with Allah. Call upon Him with fear and good expectation.

Compiled From:
"Dying and Living for Allah" - Khurram Murad