Al-Rahman (The Merciful) - Chapter 55: Verses 26-27

"All that is on earth will perish, but the Face of your Lord will abide forever - Full of
Majesty, Bounty and Honour."

To entice us to remember Him and to love Him Allah has used the beautiful words Wajh Allah or the Face of Allah in this verse.

Everything on this earth will perish except the 'Face' of our Lord. His is the 'Face' we must

desire. The expression 'Face of Allah' does not, of course, mean that Allah has a face like ours.
But, again, if you love someone, you desire to look upon his face all the time, you always want
to be in his company and you will make all the necessary sacrifice to earn his pleasure. So, when
the Quran uses the expression 'Face of Allah' it is really to make us conscious that Allah is
looking at us and we should do the things which will please Him and abstain from things
which will displease Him.

If we continuously remind ourselves that Allah is looking at us when we are praying, when we
are studying, when we are doing our jobs, when we are with our families and friends, when we
are involved in dawa - then we are well on our way to attaining ihsan, the most excellent form
of worship. Ihsan takes us to the highest station of nearness to Allah. This is what gives
real worth to everything we do and makes our actions acceptable in the eyes of our Creator and

Compiled From:
"In the Early Hours" - Khurram Murad, pp. 65, 66