Concise Speech

The Prophet (peace be upon him) was sent to address people of every level, from ignorant seventh-century bedouins to those of the highest intellectual and scientific achievements, until the Day of Judgment. No one has yet been able to disprove what he said. Accordingly, after we scrutinize his Traditions and the Quran, we realize that they complement each other in style and content. Moreover, there is no contradiction between them and established scientific knowledge. Ever since the Revelation, billions of people have found in the Quran answers for their intellectual problems, cures for their spiritual diseases, and models for their behaviour in all circumstances.

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Love Conquers

The softness and compassion of the heart, the warmth of love, the benevolence and tranquillity of the inner self, all constitute an immense wealth. If your heart is at peace, your attitude too will be serene, the words will be gentle and the tone kindly, and there will be an all-encompassing tenderness in your interaction with others. "Adopt tenderness." [Muslim] "Whoever is deprived of tenderness is deprived of all good." [Muslim]

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An-Tur (The Mount) - Chapter 52: Verse 28 (partial)

"... Truly it is He, the Benevolent, the Merciful."

This name al-Barr “The Benevolent” is closely related to the Arabic word for piety, birr (with an i), which refers to every form of charity, generosity, and kindness that we as people can carry out.

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Fair Opportunities

Ya Sin (Ya Sin) - Chapter 36: Verse 47

"And when they are told: 'Give [in charity] out of what God has provided for you,' the unbelievers say to those who believe: 'Are we to feed those whom God could have fed, had He so willed? Clearly, you are lost in error.'"

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Generosity and Piety

Righteous deeds of all kinds bring us closer to Allah, but this is especially true of our acts of kindness to others. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

There was a merchant who used to extend credit to people. If he found one of his customers to be in straightened means, he would say to his assistants: "Forgive them their debt, perhaps Allah will forgive us." Allah did forgive him. [Bukhari, Muslim]

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Century Welfare Association

Let Our Deeds Speak For Us.

Founded January 1969