609 The first verses of Quran revealed to Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)

629 India’s First Masjid In Kerala

630 Islam spreads into Syria and Persia

637 Jerusalem is conquered by Muslims Umar ibn al-Khattab

637 Umar ibn al-khattab builds Al Aqsa Mosque Part 1

637 The al-Aqsa Mosque Through the Ages: Part 2

661 The kharijis Assassinate Ali in kufa

699-767 The Life of Imam Abu Hanifa

711 – Tariq ibn Ziyad Leads Armies into the Iberian Peninsula

800s-Ziryab became a cultural Icon in the Iberian Peninsula

832 – The House of Wisdom Is Established

846-Imam al-Bukhari and the Science of Hadith

859 -Fatima al-Fihri Founds the First University

900s-Al-Zahrawi – The Pioneer of Modern Surgery

1021-Ibn al-Haytham writes the Book of optics

1031-The Caliphate of Cordoba Falls

1095-Al-Ghazali and the Revival of Islamic Scholarship

1099-Jerusalem is conquered by Crusaders

1187-Salah al-Din liberates Jerusalem

1258-The Mongol Invasion and the Destruction of Baghdad

1299-The Ottoman Empire is founded

1324-Mansa Musa Goes to Hajj

1326-OttomanSultan Orhan Begins Using Tughra Calligraphy

1377-Ibn Khaldun writes the Muqaddimah

1400-The Sultanate of Malacca is founded

1405-Zheng He leads his first expedition

1453-The ottomans conquer Constantinople

1453-Mehmed II institutes the Millet system in the Ottoman Empire

1492-The last muslim kingdom of Al-Andalus falls

1492-Colombus sails to America hundred of years after Muslims

1520-Suleyman Kanuni becomes the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

1574-Mimar Sinan built the Selimiye Mosque in Edirne

1609-The final expulsion of Spain’s Muslims

1630-Hezarafen Ahmed Celebi completes the world’s first Intercontinental Flight

1659-Aurangzeb’s reign Begins in India

1700s-1800s-The Decline of the Ottoman Empire

1776-Muslims Helped Cause the American Revolution 

1802-Bilali Muhammad arrives at Sapelo Island,Georgia

1835-Muslim Slaves in Brazil Revolt

1842-Afghanistan defeats a British Occupation

1861-France dictates the creation of modern Lebanon

1876-Abdülhamid II becomes sultan of the Ottoman Empire

1910s – Britain Divides Up the Arab Middle East

1916-The Arab Revolt begins

1920-Britain draws the borders of modern Iraq creating sectarian divisions

1923-Mustafa Kemal Ataturk establishes the secular Republic of Turkey

1948-Over 700,000 Palestinians become Refugees in the Nakba