Ex Priest, USA

Thank God, I have been blessed by Allah with the gift of Islam since 2006. When I was asked to write about the path that I took and how Allah has blessed me, I was hesitant. I have seen others get caught up with personal fame by telling how they came to Islam and I knew that I didn't want to have the same challenge.

I ask you then to take this story as the work of Allah and focus on his mercy and greatness rather than my story in particular, insha Allah. No one comes to Islam without the mercy of Allah and it is his work not that of the revert that truly matters.

C. Huda Dodge

Ex Christian, USA

I was born in San Francisco, California, and raised in a Bay Area suburb. My small town (San Anselmo, pop. about 14,000 last I checked) was a mostly white, upper-middle-class, Christian community. It is a beautiful area - just north of San Francisco (across the Golden Gate Bridge), nestled in a valley near the hillsides (Mount Tamalpais) and the Pacific Ocean. I knew all of my neighbors, played baseball in the street, caught frogs in the creeks, rode horses in the hills, and climbed trees in my front yard.

Al-Housayn ibn Salam était un rabbin juif de Yathrib (Médine) qui jouissait d'un statut honorable. Tous les gens de la ville avaient un grand respect pour lui, même ceux qui n'étaient pas juifs. Il était connu pour sa piété, sa bonté, sa bonne conduite et sa franchise.

Al-Housayn menait une vie calme et paisible; il était sérieux, déterminé, et savait très bien organiser son temps. Tous les jours, il consacrait du temps à prier, à enseigner et à prêcher dans le temple, après quoi il allait dans son verger s'occuper de la pollinisation des dattiers et de leur taille. En fin de journée, afin d'accroître sa compréhension de sa religion et d'en approfondir sa connaissance, il se vouait à l'étude de la Torah

Poet and critic, USA

The simplicity of Islam, the powerful appeal and the compelling atmosphere of its mosques, the earnestness of its faithful adherents, the confidence inspiring realization of the millions throughout the world who answer the five daily calls to prayer - these factors attracted me from the first. But after I had determined to become a follower of Islam, I found many deeper reasons for confirming my decision.

Finding solace in the Garden of Peace I am an American journalist and author. In 1997, aged 49, after more than 30 years of research study, and life experience, I came into Islam. This decision reflected many issues in my life.

I grew up in an environment that would be extremely strange for most Americans. My father was Jewish; my mother was the daughter of a famous Protestant fundamental minister. My father was a religious student, or Yeshiva-bocher, as a youth. My mother was raised in an atmosphere of intensive Bible reading, and she knew the Old and New Testaments very well.

In Sarajevo, I did not find myself to be a tourist. I had direct encounters with Muslim believers and scholars. Both my parents’ faith was tested by the events of the 1930s. My mother abandoned Christianity in protest against the Nazi attacks on the Jews, who she had been raised to view as the original People of God. Later, she converted to Judaism.