Perennialist Spokesman

Frithjof Schuon is best known as the foremost spokesman of the "perennialist" perspective and a sage and philosopher in the metaphysical current of Shankara and Plato. Over the past 50 years, he has written more than 20 books on metaphysical, spiritual and ethnic themes as well as having been a regular contributor to journals on comparative religion in both Europe and America.

Ex Christian, America

Muhammad Alexander Russel Webb was born in 1846 C.E. in Hudson, Columbia county, United States of America. After completing his education at Hudson and New York, he began to write as a short-story writer and an essayist. In a short time, he excelled in journalism and served as the Editor of 'St. Joseph Gazette' and 'Missouri Republican'.

Nishani, (anciennement connue sous le nom d'Indrani) et son mari, Rafiq (anciennement connu sous le nom de Chandara) ont partagé avec Muneerah Al-Idros le cheminement qui les a amenés à accepter l'islam.

Indrani avait 6 ans lorsque son père mourut. Sa mère cessa alors de prier, car elle estimait que Dieu avait été injuste envers elle en la laissant veuve avec 5 enfants en bas âge. Indrani, tout comme ses frères et sœurs, fut élevé comme hindou non-pratiquant. Chez eux, il n'y avait ni autel ni images de divinités, comme dans plusieurs maisons hindoues.

Photographer, UK

Peter Sanders was born in London in 1946. His professional career in photography began during the mid-sixties where he photographed most of the major stars in the music business including Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, The Who, the Rolling Stones etc.

Ex Jew, USA

"There is no god but God, and Muhammad, may God praise him, is his messenger."

These are the words of the Shahadah oath, I believe.

The Creator is known by many names. His wisdom is always recognizable, and his presence made manifest in the love, tolerance and compassion present in our community.

His profound ability to guide us from a war-like individualism so rampant in American society to a belief in the glory and dignity of the Creator's human family, and our obligations to and membership within that family. This describes the maturation of a spiritual personality, and perhaps the most desirable maturation of the psychological self, also.
My road to Shahadah began when an admired director, Tony Richardson, died of AIDS. Mr. Richardson was already a brilliant and internationally recognized professional when I almost met him backstage at the play Luther at age 14.

Play writing for me has always been a way of finding degrees of spiritual and emotional reconciliation, both within myself and between myself and a world I found rather brutal due to childhood circumstances. Instead of fighting with the world, I let my conflicts fight it out in my plays.