"I Swear, that this Koran, from which the modern science lags behind on 1400 years, can not be speech of the person. It is true speech of Almighty."

In France, Islam is very quickly spreading among people, who have become famous in the most different fields of knowledge and activity. Today, the number of people, who left Christianity and accepted Islam, has reached already hundred thousand. Archbishop Parisian - supreme ecclesiastic of the French Catholic church, officially confirms these figures. Among those, who preferred Islam, - not only are natives of working class and civil servants, among them are also some certainly outstanding people.

Great French scientist - oceanographer, initiator of researches of sea and ocean depths, inventor of an aqualung, underwater house, the device for «diving saucer», author of many popular books and films, Jacque Iv Cousteau is known in entire world. But very few people know, that scientific researches carried out by him and fact of reflection in the Koran of many scientific signs have led him to accept Islam and he died as a Muslim. Well-known to the whole world, researcher of underwater environment declared, that choice of Islam was most correct decision in his life. In a series of telecasts «Alive Sea», Captain Cousteau uncovers surprising underwater world of the seas, rivers and oceans before people.

Investigating water open spaces in strait of Gibraltar, he found out surprising fact not explained by science: existence of two water layers, not mixing up with each other. They as if are divided by a film and have among themselves precise border. Each of them has temperature, salt structure, animal and flora. These are waters of Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean adjoining with each other in strait of Gibraltar.

"In 1962, - tells Jacque Cousteau, - German scientists found out, that in Bab el Mandeb, where waters of Gulf of Aden and Red sea converge, waters of Red sea and Indian ocean do not mix up. Following example of colleagues, we began to find out, whether waters of Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean Sea mix up. First, we investigated water of Mediterranean Sea - its natural level of salinity, density and forms of life inherent in it. We made the same in Atlantic Ocean. These two weights of water meet in strait of Gibraltar already thousand years and it would be logical to assume, that these two huge water weights for a long time should get mixed up - their salinity and density should become identical, or, at least, similar. But even in places, where they converge closely, each of them keeps its properties. In other words, in places of merge of two weights of water, water curtain does not allow them to mix up".

At detection of this obvious and improbable fact,scientist was extremely surprised. "I long rested on laurels at this surprising phenomenon which is not explained by laws of physics and chemistry", - writes Cousteau. But scientist tested even greater surprise and admiration, when found out, that about this is written in Koran for more than 1400 years back. He learned about it from the French doctor Moris Bukay, who accepted Islam. "When I told to him about my discovery, he skeptically told me, that about it has been told 1400 years back in Koran. It was for me as thundering during clear sky. And really, so it appeared when I looked at translations of Koran. Then I exclaimed: «I swear, that this Koran which 1400 years ago lag behind modern science, cannot be speech of person. It is true speech of Almighty». After that I accepted the Islam and each day I was amazed by truth, justice, ease, utility of this religion. I am indefinitely grateful that He opened my eyes for Truth", - writes further Cousteau.