• Running of a school - CENTURY SPECIAL NEEDS SCHOOL- for children with disabilities of the regions of P-Verte, Vallee des Pretres, Cite La cure, Roche-Bois.
  • Running of special classes for the CPE students of the region. Two of our members, experienced school teachers, offer private and free tuition to needy CPE pupils.
  • Running of two religious classes in the mornings (Quranic Classes) for the young boys and girls of the region, aged 5-13 yrs.
  • Running of a special school for young girls who are CPE failures - ECOLE D’ACCOMPAGNEMENT
  • Conducting special Islamic classes for young University female students who have lost touch with their religious practice.
  • Running of a documentation centre whereby the whole community can have access to a library and to audio-visual facility. The library has a special Islamic section with books appealing especially to youngsters.
  • Courses to women on how to correctly read the Holy Quran (Tajweed lessons)
  • Special tuition in Arabic to CPE pupils (last year of primary school) in order to boost up the understanding of the Quranic language.


  • Indoor activities like table tennis, scrabble competition and Quiz for the young members.
  • Annual organization of a children’s fun day, whereby children of the region are offered a half day of recreation and fun through various games and educational activities.
  • Running of classes in martial arts for young boys of the region to develop them both mentally and physically.
  • Participating at the top most level in football at the national level through our team-ASPL 2000.
  • Running of a gymnasium/Fitness centre for young men and women.


  • Regular talks, film shows on important issues like diabetes, dietary habits, system of education, citizenship
  • Regular sensitisation talks and door to door campaigns by the Ladies Wing of the association towards the women and young girls of the region for their active participation in the social life of the community
  • Annual career guidance sessions for the youngsters who are embarking on tertiary education.

ICT - Computer

  • Running of a COMPUTER TRAINING CENTRE for the people of the region of P-Louis and especially for youngsters looking for jobs.


  • Running of a training kitchen for imparting culinary courses for young women of the region and housewives
  • Courses in basketry and embroidery for young girls and housewives of the region
  • Mehendi courses