Following the sad events of 1968, a group of young professionals and public officers of Plaine Verte decided that there was a need to contribute towards nation building. It was thought at that time that sound leisure and sports as well as education were means to this end.

Consequently, “Le Goulet Club” was formed and provided for indoor activities like domino, carom, table tennis, academic debates and forum whilst members could also practice swimming, body building and football. Open to all inhabitants of the region irrespective of religious beliefs, the club grew in dimension and was ultimately registered as the Century Welfare Association in 1969.

A new era started in 1977 when the association was awarded a plot of land of about 720 m2 in Cité Martial. At a time when the economic situation was at its lowest, it took some five painstaking years for a building of 300 m2 to be completed. Since then, in line with the needs of the region, the objectives have evolved to a more socio-cultural orientation and the 300 m2 building has made room for a double storey one of 750m2. Membership has grown from 35 in 1969 to 255 in 2011. In addition a ladies wing comprising of 115 members is fully engaged in the association’s endeavour.