Dr. Murad Wilfried Hofmann

murad"I began to see Islam with its own eyes, as the unadulterated, pristine belief in the one and only, the true God, Who does not beget, and was not begotten, Whom nothing and nobody resembles... In place of the qualified deism of a tribal God and the constructions of a divine Trinity, the Qur'an showed me the most lucid, most straightforward, the most abstract - thus historically most advanced – and least anthropomorphic concept of God. The Qur'an's ontological statements, as well as its ethical teachings, impressed me as profoundly plausible, "as good as gold," so there was no room for even the slightest doubt about the authenticity of Muhammad's prophetic mission. People who understand human nature cannot fail to appreciate the infinite wisdom of the "Dos and Don'ts" handed down from God to man in the form of the Qur'an."

Blue Economy: the need to patrol the ocean

by Assad Bhuglah
Blessed with a vast maritime zone of 2.3 million km², Mauritius has now expanded its ocean territory by signing an agreement with Seychelles for exercising joint jurisdiction over an additional area of 396,000 km² of the continental shelf of the Mascarene Plateau region. The two countries are determined to harness the power of the blue economy with a view to enhance the economic, social and cultural well-being of the present and future generations. Given that 99% of the ocean remains unprotected according to a Greenpeace source, the nations that have sovereign rights over the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) must undertake constant patrol to exercise their authority and take effective possession of the territorial sea.

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Leçon 64: Fire and Clay

Sad (Sad) - Chapter 38: Verse 76
"(Iblis) answered: "I am better than him. You have created me from fire and him, You have created from clay."

According to Iblis (Satan), honour and goodness lie in physical origin or matter. His attitude is typical of materialism and represents a lack of correct understanding. He saw only the material origin of humankind and ignored their spiritual dimension that originated in being breathed into out of God's Spirit.
Iblis also judged God's order according to his own knowledge and understanding, and opposed God's explicit order based on his own judgment. He demonstrated that, out of ignorance, he would fulfill God's orders only when they conformed to his desire or understanding, not because he believed all of these orders to be truths in themselves, and that they must be obeyed. So are those who act in the same way aware who it is that they follow, and whose pupils they are?

Compiled From:
"The Quran: Annotated Interpretation in Modern English" - Ali Unal, pp. 943

After Rejecting Islam for 23 Years Dad Died Muslim

Abdur Raheem Green describes in this video his father's last days in hospital before he passed away.

Mr. Green was the ex-Director of Cairo Barclays Bank, and his son Abdur Raheem found Islam over 20 years ago, and is today a well-known figure among Muslim scholars and preachers in the UK.

He thought that his father would never become Muslim, but Mr. Green eventually converted to Islam only ten days before he died.