Economics of obsolescence at the Expense of Consumers

by Assad Bhuglah

In the good old days, things were built to last. Some people still have the watches and clocks of their ancestors in working condition and they want to conserve them for generations to come. In fact many products, which were manufactured during the pre-World War II era, have found to be long-lasting. The cars made before WW II are till driven in the streets of Tana. The wooden-case radios of 1940s, the “marmite” of the grandmothers, the boots and over-coats of the grandfathers who served as pioneers in the British army in the Middle East – they have survived the test of time and they may be lying in the stores of some Mauritian families. The old bicycles inherited from our grandfathers will surely outlive the new trendy but short-lasting cycles which we currently offer as gifts to our kids.

Bank account to life

Leçon: Enthusiasm for Life

Saba (Sheba) Chapter 34: Verses 10-11
"On David We bestowed Our favour. 'O mountains, and you birds, echo his songs of praise [to God].' We made iron pliant to him. [And We said], 'Make coats of mail armour, and do what is right. Verily I am watching over what you do."

The parable of David belies the ignorant belief of some religious people that backwardness is the way to success in the life to come. This is a gross misconception. The route to religious faith is through the mastery of useful knowledge rather than sloth and indolence. David was able to combine two achievements in his life-time: to use his elegant voice - which even the birds appreciated and admired - to venerate, praise, and worship God; and to apply industrial skill to make military as well as civilian tools and utensils for everyday use.
In order to appreciate and comprehend the life to come, one has to understand and fully experience life here and now. Muslims have only become a liability to Islam and an easy target for their enemies since they lost their enthusiasm for life and their ardor for success and achievement.

Compiled From:
"A Thematic Commentary on the Quran" - Muhammad Al-Ghazali, p. 465

Ne jamais se tromper d’ennemi

Par Abu Abdallah

Nous ne pouvons perdre notre énergie dans des polémiques futiles à un moment où les enjeux sont si graves. Regardons ce qu'une certaine presse islamophobe essaie de faire en Europe depuis plusieurs semaines déjà. Elle mène une campagne systématique dans le but de provoquer, provoquer
et encore provoquer les musulmans. Certains journaux vont jusqu'à publier quatre fois des caricatures insultant le Prophète (saw). Ils
montrent d'un côté comme liberté et culture ce que propose l'Occident, et de l'autre, la censure et l'interdit comme ce que véhicule l'islam.

Très beau témoignage de Khadija Evans et son mari

En étudiant l'Islam j'ai trouvé des réponses que les médias ne nous indiquaient pas, et je suis venu par savoir que l'Islam est la religion vraie

Mon nom est Khadija Evans et c'est l'histoire de la façon dont mon mari et moi nous sommes venus à embrasser l'Islam.

Je me rappelle me tenir dans la cuisine de la maison où j'ai vécue quand j'étais juste 7 ou 8 ans et regarder vers la porte de la sortie. J'ai prié un dieu et je l'ai prié de se montrer s'il était vraiment là. Rien ne s'est produit.