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Prière avant l'aube

Par Abu Abdallah
Un peu avant le soleil, je me suis levé pour prier. Si Dieu le veut, il fera bientôt jour. Et la guerre du feu n’aura pas lieu. Car le soleil brillera dans le cœur des hommes. Je contemple les ténèbres en attendant l’aube.Sans lumière, il n’y a ni blanc ni noir On ne distingue plus le riche du pauvre.Le voile de l’obscurité cache ce qui est privé et ce qui est public. Aucun bruit, aucun soupçon. Les hommes dorment en paix.Ô Créateur du jour et de la nuit, est-ce donc le soleil qui rend fou les hommes ?

29-year-old Muslim woman named culture minister of Norway

nadiaThe first ever Muslim minister in the Norwegian Cabinet is Hadia Tajik of Pakistani origin, who was handed the culture portfolio

On Sunday, with no precedent in Norwegian history, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg appointed Hadia Tajik, a 29-year-old Muslim woman, as minister of culture, making Tajik the youngest minister in the Norwegian Cabinet and the first ever Muslim in the Norwegian government.

Tajik, of Pakistani origin, anounced that her programme will focus on cultural diversity as part of the Norwegian people's daily lives and how this reflects on Norweigan society as a whole. The programme will delve into the protection of minority rights, whether cultural or racial, including the right of Muslims to wear the veil in public places, among other issues.
The new focus, however, will not be unopposed. Most right wing groups are against these policy changes, considering the increase in diversity in society a challenge to European culture.

Leçon 65: Lord's Provision

Saba (Sheba) Chapter 34: Verse 39 (partial)

"Say: Verily, my Lord grants provision abundantly to whomsoever He pleases and straitens it for whomsoever He pleases."

The extent of livelihood that a person receives depends entirely upon God's will. However, this does not necessarily indicate that those with whom He is pleased receive a greater portion of it whereas those with whom He is displeased receive less. As part of God's dispensation, those who believe in God as well as those who do not believe in Him receive their livelihood. A person's affluence, therefore, does not indicate his proximity with God. By the same token, a person's stringent circumstances do not necessarily indicate God's displeasure with him. It is common knowledge that wrongdoers and dishonest people often amass heaps of wealth even though God disapproves of their wrong-doing and dishonesty.

Entrons en islam complètement...

Par Abu Abdallah
Allah (swt) nous dit que parmi les gens, il y a ceux qui donnent tout pour chercher Son Plaisir. Ceux qui portent la foi sont appelés à entrer en islam complètement. Et de ne pas suivre ce qui est mal. Voilà le message du dernier Envoyé (saw), un rappel à l’humanité entière, qui s’étend jusqu’au Jour dernier.

Maintenant et ici. Peut-on vivre l’islam totalement ou devons-nous nous en séparer d’une partie? Pouvons nous appliquer l’islam dans tous les aspects de notre vie ? Faut-il s’isoler du reste du monde contemporain pour entrer pleinement en islam ?

Dr. Murad Wilfried Hofmann

murad"I began to see Islam with its own eyes, as the unadulterated, pristine belief in the one and only, the true God, Who does not beget, and was not begotten, Whom nothing and nobody resembles... In place of the qualified deism of a tribal God and the constructions of a divine Trinity, the Qur'an showed me the most lucid, most straightforward, the most abstract - thus historically most advanced – and least anthropomorphic concept of God. The Qur'an's ontological statements, as well as its ethical teachings, impressed me as profoundly plausible, "as good as gold," so there was no room for even the slightest doubt about the authenticity of Muhammad's prophetic mission. People who understand human nature cannot fail to appreciate the infinite wisdom of the "Dos and Don'ts" handed down from God to man in the form of the Qur'an."

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