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Leçon 62: Balanced Attitude

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, regarded extremism in din (way of life) as a basic fault of the people before the advent of Islam. He said:
"Beware, do not adopt extremism, because your predecessors got annihilated by adopting extremist attitudes in din." [Muslim]

Extremist, rigid and strict attitudes did not exist during the time of Prophet Muhammad. The Prophet himself, as can be gathered from documented evidence, was very tolerant, he listened to others with respect, avoided arguments and quarrels and adopted the best available course of action even though it may have been suggested by someone else. There was a balance between his personal, family, social and public life.

Hajj: lettre à un Innocent

par Abu Abdallahhajj

Innocent vous l’êtes, vous qui chérissez l’intention de faire le hajj pour Dieu uniquement. Lui Seul sait si vous y irez. Mais sachez que celui qui éprouve une telle envie avec sincérité, les anges inscrivent immédiatement son nom comme s’il avait déjà accompli son désir. Sa récompense est garantie. Et elle sera multiple s’il parvient à concrétiser son intention en acte accompli.

Le Prophète (saw) et ses compagnons s’arrêtent à Al Hudaybiyah et négocient avec leurs ennemis. Ces derniers contrôlent la Kaaba, donc aucun pèlerinage n’est envisageable aux musulmans sans leur accord. Ces derniers retourneront à Médine sans avoir accompli leur pèlerinage. Mais ils pourront revenir l’année suivante. Et avant, ils auront signé à Al Hudaybiyah un pacte de paix que la Révélation décrit comme une "victoire éclatante".

Apres le Ramadan

" Seigneur! Ne laisse pas dévier nos coeurs..." ( Le Coran 3:8)

Au fait, réalisons-nous que le mois du Ramadan était une affaire de
coeur? Il ne s'agissait pas uniquement de s'abstenir de manger et de
boire. Le but du jeûne était d'atteindre un niveau plus haut de piété.
Avons-nous réussi?

Muhammad Marmaduke William Pickthall

pickthallMuhammad Marmaduke Pickthall (1875-1936) was an English traveler, novelist, polemicist, and educationist. He studied Islam and Qur-an and finally accepted Islam in 1919 AD. His father Rev. C. G. Pickthall was rector of Chelmsford and his mother Mary was daughter of Admiral D. H. Ovrian. He mastered French, German, Italian and Spanish while studying at various places in Europe. His travels throughout the Muslim world formed the basis of several of his novels set in the Middle East and allowed him to become fluent in Arabic, Turkish, and Urdu. After his conversion, he served as the acting Imam of the London Mosque (Notting Hill).

Africa’s Thriving Fast Food and Chicken Industry

Fast food is one of the high-growth modern retail business in Africa. With chicken representing the continent’s primary source of protein, this industry has to keep pace with the growing demand from the fast food chain.

With the emergence of a sizeable middle class in Africa, estimated around 313 million, the African families now have a comfortable disposable that can permit them to eat out on regular basis. Quick service restaurants have become a family outing for a Saturday or Sunday night meal. With African population growing and incomes rising fast, restaurant businesses are thriving like never before across the continent. Much of Africa remains a virgin landscape for food business. As the African consumers have an inclination for fast food rather than full service dinner, the franchise owners of fast food chains, such as Nando, KFC, Steers and Wimpy, are multiplying their outlets in the main African cities. Despite growing competition from international rivals, local fast food groups are also starting to make breakthrough by targeting the lower-income group through lower price menu items.

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