Value of Trust in Business

by Assad Bhuglah

You may have the best legal framework in the world and even the most solid written guarantee or contract to backup deals and transactions and to regulate business collaboration, but the partnership is bound to fail if there is no trust between the collaborating parties. In conventional business models, both traitors and team-mates pretend to collaborate in pursuit of self-interest and opportunistic appetite, often focussing on one-time, short-term goals. Genuine collaboration endures only when the level of trust is high between the business parties.

The beauty of mathematics


by Abu Abdallah

It's between the lines!

We are often told that we live in the Information Age. However, much of what we take as information is in fact misinformation. Different parties with different interests at stake choose to convey their messages to audiences who often are not given the chance to reflect on the so-called news items.

It is essential that readers, viewers and listeners stop to think about what their minds consume. First, as too much information or misinformation always drowns the essential news, it is crucial to identify the items that are of most important and/or most urgent nature.

Marc Springer

"I started to see all of the carefully crafted lies my life was based on crumble around me. I slowly saw all of the truths that my life was based on unravel. It is at this point that I started to question everything in my life, including my religious beliefs. I took the stance that everything in my life was suspect and had to be reevaluated ... In Islam, and the values it promotes, I saw the answer to my problems and questions, and the future of mankind."

The Disconnected Generation

by Assad Bhuglah

Digital connection is amazing and useful as it allows us to be connected with groups and individuals worldwide even those we might have never met. However, it has largely contributed to creating a disconnected generation.