Why I Embraced Islam?

An Account of a French Scholar Who Accepted Islam - Vincent Montagne

Vincent Montagne is a French scholar and a tourist specialized in the study of Arab and Islamic issues. He spent many years in the eastern and the western Arab countries. He also went to Iran, Senegal and Indonesia, and visited Mali, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Niger, Mauritania and Sierra Leone. He published about one hundred theses and articles; this in addition to twenty books on Islam, Islamic civilization, Muslims and Arabic language. Some of these books are the following: Islam in Indonesia, Islam in the USSR, World of Islam, Arabs...etc. Montagne also spent six years of his life translating Ibn Khaldun Introduction to French language. The end of this tour of thought and countries was culminated by his declaration of Islam in Mauritania. "France and The Arab World" journal published a detailed article about his conversion to Islam. The said article was republished in full by the Tunisian journal "La Presse" journal also published parts of the article. But no comment was given of any kind by both papers. Let us now hear what Mr. Montagne has to explain regarding why he embraced Islam.

Problems with my new computer

subject: Problems with my new computer

Dear Mr. Bill Gates,

We have bought a computer for our home and we have found some problems, which I want to bring to your notice.

1. There is a button 'start' but there is no 'stop' button.. We request you
to check this.

2.. We find there is 'Run' in the menu. One of my friends clicked 'run' he
ran up to Amritsar ! So, we request you to change that to 'sit', so that we
can click that by sitting.

3. One doubt is whether any 're-scooter' is available in system? I find only
're-cycle', but I own a scooter at my home.

Les lauréats du Loto...

Le Mauricien 25112010



Ils sont nombreux les "ex-futurs-lauréats". Donnés comme "banker", on n'entend pas, malheureusement, leurs noms le jour de la proclamation des lauréats. Des fois, ce sont leurs amis moins doués qui raflent les bourses… Ces favoris qui se classent juste après les lauréats auront, désormais, une chance, semble-t-il, avec le Loto. Mais cela ne veut nullement dire qu'ils doivent se laisser gagner par le virus du jeu afin d'augmenter leurs chances ! La réussite se trouve dans le travail, toujours !

Dominating the World through Space Supremacy and Satellite Technology

Assad Bhuglah

While the world is still grappling with the problems on Earth, a number of countries are pursuing their ambitions of space development not just as an adventure of exploring the universe but more as a strategic objective to enhance their economic, political and technological power on the mundane planet. The space is an alien environment, compared to the Earth, and it requires new technologies and sophisticated knowledge to work in it. Embarking on space exploration necessitates massive investment sustained over a long-term and backed by robust infrastructures and rigorous programme of research and development. The stake is so high that only some advanced countries have the capacity to mount space programmes.

Love mentioned in Qur'aan and Hadith

Compiled by Dr. Mohamed I. Elmasry
From the Quran

"And yet there are some people, who replace Allah with rivals, loving them as Allah is loved. But the believers love Allah more intensely" (2:165)

"It was made attractive to people,the love of things they crave; women, sons, heaped-up heaps of gold and silver, branded horses, cattle and well-tilled land. But that is for the enjoyment of this worldly life, But Allah, with Him is the beautiful homecoming" (3:14)

"Say: If you love your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your spouses, your family ties, the wealth you have gained, the business you fear would decline, and the dwellings of which you are fond, more than you love Allah, His messenger and striving for Allah's cause (Jehad), then wait until Allah brings about His decision, as Allah does not guide those who are un-Godly"