Permissible Ghibah

The Prophet, peace be upon him, is reported to have asked his Companions the following question: 'Do you know what ghibah is?' To this they replied, 'God and His Messenger know best.' Then the Prophet said, 'It is to mention your brother in a way that he would dislike.' A Companion then asked: 'What if that which I say concerning my brother is true?' The Prophet replied saying, 'If what you say is true then you have defamed him [by ghibah], and if he is innocent of what you say, then you have slandered him. [Muslim]


Il y a ce que la nature nous donne. Même si tout ce qui est naturel n’est pas nécessairement bon, il incombe de respecter la nature. De la protéger car elle nous protège. De vivre en harmonie avec elle…

Ensuite il y a la culture qui a sa source dans notre éducation. Celle-ci forge notre culture à partir d’une éthique. Et nous cherchons finalement un équilibre entre l’inné et l’acquis, entre la nature et la culture, entre le potentiel originel et le développement épanoui.

There shall be no compulsion in religion

"There shall be no compulsion in religion. The right way is henceforth distinct from error."

This reflects the honour God has reserved for man and the high regard in which man's will, thought and emotions are held, and the freedom he is granted to choose his beliefs, and the responsible position he is afforded to be judge of his own actions.

L'islam est respect

Certes, il est dit dans le Coran que l'oumma du Prophète (saw) est la meilleure communauté qui a été donnée à l'humanité (Coran 3 : 110).

Immédiatement, la Révélation nous indique la raison de cette supériorité. Elle demeure dans le fait que les musulmans " ordonnent le bien, interdisent le mal et croient en Dieu ".

Turkey : an emerging energy hub bridging the East and the West

Assad Bhuglah

When you land in Turkey, your first impression is that you are in a land of minarets. Hardly you will realize that you are in an energy corridor, more so as there are no visible signs to indicate that Turkey possesses any gas field or oil field. Turkey has relatively a very small reserve of fossil fuel. It is a net-importer of energy to meet its domestic demands. In spite of its lack of energy resources, Turkey has, as from the 1990s, taken strategic measures to transform itself into an energy hub for suppliers in the Middle East and Central Asia to Europe. Blessed by its geographic location, Turkey is evolving as one of main actors in the regional and global energy-geopolitics.