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Domesticating Devices

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: “Pride and arrogance are characteristics of camel herders, while modesty and gentleness are the characteristics of shepherds.” [Bukhari, Muslim]

Maritime History of the Indian Ocean

Evidences of Arab Presence in Mauritius 

          It is now established that there had been indeed an Arab presence in Mauritius.  This is evident from the ramifications of the maritime activities of the Arabs in Indian Ocean in the past.

          Historians have for a long time been silent on the Arab chapter of Mauritius.  As it is always the case, the history of colonial domination has been written by the victor’s pen.  The successive colonial powers which overthrew the Arab supremacy in the Indian Ocean, start their page of glorious history in the Indian Ocean as from the 15 Century – the date when the Portuguese navigator, Vasco da Gama, made his first entry into the Indian Ocean in1498.


Economic Crisis

We are currently experiencing an economic crisis that is affecting every aspect of our lives. The crises challenge our condition, our values and our lifestyle. How we survive through this, will greatly be influenced by our economic insight, wise planning, hope and our moral strength.

Human behaviour may be categorized into three basic types of relationships: spiritual, social and economic.  They stem from the human being’s basic relationship: to the Creator, to the environment and to other human beings.

Understanding the Prophet's Life (saw)

Advising Rulers

When the rulers are wrong, they should be told that they are wrong - but one must always be careful and ascertain that the steps he is taking lead to greater benefit than harm. For this reason, many of the pious forefathers of Islam emphasized advising the rulers in private and not publicly. Indeed, the Prophet (peace be upon him) himself made that point in his statement, "Whoever wishes to give advice to a ruler about a matter should not do so publicly. Instead, he should take him by his hand and be alone with him [to talk to him] about it. If he accepts the advice from him [the matter is finished successfully]. If he does not [accept the advice], the person has fulfilled [the obligation] upon him." [Hakim, Ahmad]

Counselling and Uplifting

  1. Counselling (Nasiha)

It is reported in Sahih Muslim that Fatimah bint Qays mentioned to God’s Messenger (peace be upon him) that both Muawiyah ibn Abi Sufyan and Abu Jahm had proposed to her. The Prophet said to her: "Abu Jahm never puts his stick down, whereas Muawiyah is a mere wandering pauper." This statement does not imply that it is not permissible for a woman to marry a poor man. It simply means that Fatimah bint Qays sought the advice of the Messenger of God, who advised what was best for her.

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