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Abdul Sattar Edhi: the hero of the downtrodden

Abdul Sattar Edhi, a legendary charity worker known for his asceticism, has created a charitable empire out of nothing, masterminding Pakistan's largest welfare organization. Today, Abdul Sattar Edhi is revered by many as a national hero. No Pakistani since Jinnah has commanded such reverence. Not many Pakistanis inspire the kind of unmitigated respect and affection among their compatriots than does Abdul Sattar Edhi. The sentiment cuts across divisions of creed, class and ethnicity — because over the course of his charity work, this octogenarian has proved time and again that all that has ever mattered to him is the common humanity, the thread that binds all humans together as one single race. He passed away on 8th July 2016, creating a vacuum that would be not easy to fill.

External Laws

The human influence on the course of history depends on the level of willpower and consciousness. The greater the spiritual strength of the partakers in historical events, the greater is their independence from external laws. The conditionality here is in reverse proportion to the activity of the subject. In principle, man is completely free, and external laws have no power over him. He has managed with his willpower to resist illnesses and dangers. Man, if he found himself among lions, would be lost, but this evident law does not apply to a lion tamer. History is a continuing story about small groups of decisive, courageous, and clever people who have left an indelible stamp on the course of historical events and managed to change their flow.

Empty Room

An enormous courtyard and in the centre, a hollow cube. Nothing more! You suddenly tremble! Wonder, amazement! An empty room, that is all. Is the qiblah of our faith, our love, our formal prayer, our life and our death just this? A pile of dark, rough stones, placed upon each other, spaces unevenly and inexperiencedly filled between with mortar, nothing more!

Halaal Tourism: a growing industry

The concept of Halaal tourism, which concerns 1.8 billion Muslims all over the world, is the fastest growing trend of global tourism.  Halaal tourism refers to practices and services that specifically cater Muslim visitors, based on Islamic values including Halaal food, permissible entertainment, praying facilities, morality, health and hygiene.  In many countries, hotel and travel-related companies are ready to make changes in their plans and approaches in order to lure tourists from Muslim countries. 

Assigned Station

Al-Saffat (Those Ranged in Ranks) - Chapter 37: Verse 164

"There is none among us, but that he has a known station."

These are understood to be the words of the angels, each of whom is assigned a station that is never left; some remain bowing, never straightening their spines; others remain prostrating, never lifting their heads. In the immediate context, this verse is a declaration that they, like the jinn, know that any worship of them is misplaced. More broadly speaking, that all angels have a known station indicates that they have, like all created things other than human beings and jinn, no freedom to move from one station or level of being to another.

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