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Love Conquers

The softness and compassion of the heart, the warmth of love, the benevolence and tranquillity of the inner self, all constitute an immense wealth. If your heart is at peace, your attitude too will be serene, the words will be gentle and the tone kindly, and there will be an all-encompassing tenderness in your interaction with others. "Adopt tenderness." [Muslim] "Whoever is deprived of tenderness is deprived of all good." [Muslim]

Issues to Address

The true challenge of the day is to choose the right battle - to mobilize the creative energy of the peoples in the attempt to find real solutions to real problems. The march toward democracy in the Global South entails a thorough reconsideration of the three "fundamentals": economic (and agricultural) policy, educational policy, and cultural and media policy (in the general sense). The secularist elite would be well advised to acknowledge that it truly has nothing new to offer in these three vital policy categories. There can be no true political democracy without a profound restructuring of the economic priorities of each country, which in turn can only come about by combating corruption, limiting the prerogatives of the military, and, above all, reconsidering economic ties with other countries as well as the modalities of domestic wealth distribution.

Encountering the Tides of Change

 “He who rejects change is the architect of decay.   The only human institution which rejects progress  is the cemetery” Harold Wilson.

The economic crisis which we are currently experiencing is redefining the world order.  Disruptive forces are affecting all spheres of our life: political, social, organizational and personal.  The tides of change are so powerful and pervasive that nobody can afford to wait for    the    storm    to   settle   downand then react.  The uncertainty and complexity of the global situation warrant that we have a shared picture of what the future is likely to look like, what is expected to change, which rules have to be re-written and how we should be prepared to respond to these changes. There are some key drivers that will change and re-shape the world in the next decade.  Already the centre of geopolitical gravity is shifting from the West to the East.  The dramatic increase in our ability to create and use technology is witnessing the emergence of a new generation of young people who have a completely different outlook.  The “people power” is asserting itself worldwide and is causing institutional upheaval.


An-Tur (The Mount) - Chapter 52: Verse 28 (partial)

"... Truly it is He, the Benevolent, the Merciful."

This name al-Barr “The Benevolent” is closely related to the Arabic word for piety, birr (with an i), which refers to every form of charity, generosity, and kindness that we as people can carry out.

Vegetarian Diet

Scientists estimate, that between 30 to 50 percent of all food produced in the world is wasted at the table and lost in the production process. If this food is saved, the number of undernourished and those facing starvation can be drastically reduced. And if one is a vegetarian, one knows that he or she has enriched the Earth, and helped to reduce the threat of global water crisis. One's decision to go meatless, or minimize meat consumption, also contributes to slowing down a global food shortage and climate change. This advice stands sound. In my opinion, all of us should encourage a vegetarian diet among themselves and their families.

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