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Muslim Citizen Council - Press Release

The Muslim Citizen Council (MCC) views with great concern the unnecessary societaltensions that are being hatched nowadays by reckless arsonist. We strongly believe thatsuch irresponsible acts could endanger the peaceful co-existence among the differentcommunities in our paradise like island.Several events that had taken place lately have led to this disturbing condition.

  • During a rally and Road Show in the area of St Pierre, organised by highlyirresponsible persons, the demonstrators cheered racial provocation and jeered racistslogans. Moreover, racist banners were displayed on vehicles, as the group was‘escorted’ by the Mauritius Police Force. 
  • A Police Officer overtly held sectarian comments against the Muslim community,during a nocturnal gathering, where a member of the National Assembly was present.
  • Acts of vandalism against places of worship, which are alarming and reflect theempowerment of hate have been noted these recent days. There is no denying thatact of vandalism is bad and if it happens in places of worship - places that peoplerevere - it points to an even bigger problem, that people are not scared of even God.
  •  Ill-intentioned persons are using the social media with the view to wreak havoc thatcould lead to serious consequences. The rapid spread of false information anddeliberate misinformation  is a growing threat to our society. The Quran says: “O you who have believed, if there comes to you a disobedient one withinformation, investigate, lest you harm a people out of ignorance and become,over what you have done, regretful.” 49:6
  •  In the context of the commemoration of the 183th Anniversary of the arrival ofIndentured Labourers in Mauritius, the choice of the Guest of Honour, YogiAdityanath, one of the most polarising politicians in India, has also given rise totension among different communities. The peaceful Mauritian Citizen dread to haveinflammatory speech from him that could disturb our way of life.
  • In the wake of the by-elections, it is noted with disappointment that the politicians’discourses are filled with crudity and vulgar abuse of language. Never before had webeen subjected to this level of language for political persuasion.

The MCC vehemently condemns and expresses its strong concern to the above-mentionedcases and about the rise of hatred among the various components of our multi-culturalsociety. We therefore, urges the government in power to help defuse this situation with thefull might at its disposal.

The MCC calls upon all sides to immediately and unconditionally cease these disgustingacts and to refrain from further acts of provocation and to work together towards nationalreconciliation. Such incidents tear communities apart and can escalate into even morehatred.

Finally, the MCC avers that it is only through a consistent and unified approach across alllevels of society that we have a chance of combating the scourge of hatred that seeks tosow division and fear in our society.

The Secretariat,

2 November 2017

P.S.The Muslim Citizen Council is largest Muslim umbrella body with over 60 affiliated local organisations, mosques and Islamic Institutions.

Computer Course Powerpoint Nov 2017

Computer Course Nov 2017

Halaal Tourism: a growing industry

The concept of Halaal tourism, which concerns 1.8 billion Muslims all over the world, is the fastest growing trend of global tourism.  Halaal tourism refers to practices and services that specifically cater Muslim visitors, based on Islamic values including Halaal food, permissible entertainment, praying facilities, morality, health and hygiene.  In many countries, hotel and travel-related companies are ready to make changes in their plans and approaches in order to lure tourists from Muslim countries. 

The concept of Halaal tourism started some 20 years ago in Turkey where a large part of the Turkish society requested for Hotels nad Resorts to respect certain specifications that meet the needs of conservative families, such as private beaches for ladies, special place for prayer and swimming pools and special attention to the items and ingredients used in food preparation as well as the cooking and serving methods. 

Faith and Fair Trading

Hud (Hud) - Chapter 11: Verse 84 (partial)

"Do not give short measure and weight."

The people of Madyan, whose country was an enclave of land lying between Hijaz and Syria, used to give short measure and weight, thus wronging other people in respect of what was rightfully theirs. That is, they used to give other people less than the value of their goods. Their misconduct reflected badly on their integrity and honour and showed that they were far from clean both externally and at heart. Their geographical position meant that they were able to control the trade route of the caravans moving between the north and the south of Arabia. This enabled them to dictate unfair terms on other people's trade.

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