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Hope and Niyat

Hope is a key concept for progress.  Every individual or family, group or organisation, community or nation is motivated by hope.  It is the catalytical element that continuously burns the desire to succeed and expect a better future.  Absence of hope leads to nihilism and stagnation.

Muslim Naming Convention in Mauritius

Muslim naming conventions differ from country to country.  Yet there are some general rules that have to be followed in conjunction with the Islamic traditions.  A newly born child must be given a name within seven days culminating with the Aqeeqah ceremony – an Islamic rite to thank Allah by sacrificing one or two goats or sheep of which one-third of the meat is distributed to the poor and the rest is consumed among parents, friends and relatives.  Usually, the parents may take suggestions from grandparents and other relatives or consult an Imam while selecting a name that will suit the personality of the child.  The name is drawn from the Islamic history and tradition and must have a positive meaning.  In one of the hadiths, Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) advises to adopt a good name and avoid any name which conveys bad meaning, because on the Day of Judgement every Muslim will be called by his/her name and his/her father’s name.

Muslims in Canada

During the last decades the Muslim population has grown so fast in Canada that Islam has become the second largest religion after Christianity. The current number of Muslims stands over one million, representing about 3.2% of the Canadian population. The number of Muslims is predicted to triple by 2030 and will have significant impact on the Canadian society.

Believers' Souls

Al-Tawba (The Repentance) - Chapter 9: Verse 111 (partial)

"Truly God has purchased from the believers their souls and their wealth in exchange for the Garden being theirs."

Drill and Upbringing

The most striking and wonderful things that old books can offer us are the stories about conversion and moral revival. The worst sinners and tyrants turned overnight into humble martyrs and defenders of justice. It is always a spontaneous event; there is no process of reforming or influencing. The question is one of a move in the depths of the soul, of an experience existing together with an energy of a completely inward nature which by its own force completely changes a man. This transformation belongs to man and that is why there is no process, casualty, conditionality, causes, and consequences, or even a rational explanation. The essence of this drama is freedom and creativity.

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