Humanism and humanity are both derived from the word man and have a higher moral connotation. This double meaning of ideas connected to man's name is a result of man's double nature, one of them originating from the earth and the other from heaven. The materialists always directed our attention to the external aspects of things. "The hand is not only an organ of work," writes Engels, "but also a product of it. Only through work ... the human hand attained that high degree of perfection in which it could produce Raffaello's paintings, Thorvaldsen's statues and Paganini's music."

Turkey’s Defense Industry

By Assad Bhuglah

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For several decades Turkey, by being a Western ally, has been too dependent on NATO’s defense system for its security. If that had worked during the Cold War, recent events have shown that Turkey cannot trust its allies when in real trouble. At the height of the Syrian crisis, Turkey’s repeated demand for a no-fly-zone over Syria to avoid the humanitarian disaster was ignored. In this context, Ankara has endeavoured to change the mind-set on missile defense that was solely based on her conventional security cooperation with NATO and is now adhering strictly to her new strategy of eliminating ‘security deficit’ by overcoming one-sided dependency. Transformation of Turkey’s strategic landscape and the emerging threats has introduced several factors which has compelled Turkey to rethink her national security and defense strategy in the near future.

Humanizing The Divine

Even those contemporary Jews, Christians, and Muslims who strive so hard to profess theologically "correct" beliefs about a sole, singular God who is incorporeal or infallible, ever-present or all-knowing, seem compelled to envision God in human form and to speak of God in human terms. Studies performed by a range of psychologists and cognitive scientists have shown that the most devout believers, when forced to communicate their thoughts about God, overwhelmingly treat God as though they were talking about some person they might have met on the street.

Harmful Acts

Abu Said Sad bin Malik bin Sinan al-Khudri (may Allah be pleased with him) narrated that the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: "harm (darar) may neither be inflicted nor reciprocated." [Ibn Majah]

Shanghai Initiative Enrols India and Pakistan

By Assad Bhuglah

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India and Pakistan were officially admitted as members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) during its 17th Summit held on 8-9 June 2017 in Astana, capital of Kazakhstan. After accepting India and Pakistan, the SCO has expanded its geographical coverage to South Asia and has thus become one of the biggest regional organizations, accounting for three-fifths of the area of the Eurasia continent, nearly 20 per cent of global GDP and half of the world's population. Both countries are expected to follow Tashkent-based Regional Anti-Terrorism Structure (RATS) to conduct joint military exercises along with other SCO members- China, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.