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Exaggerated Status

Humility was an obvious characteristic of the Prophet (peace be upon him). Perhaps nothing shows his humility better than the choice he was given by God at an early stage of his prophethood. Abu Hurayrah reports that:

The Prophet was sitting with the angel Gabriel when he looked up into the sky and saw another angel descending. Gabriel said to the Prophet: "This is the first time this angel has ever come down since he was created." The angel said: "Muhammad, your Lord has sent me to give you a choice: shall He make you a king and a Prophet, or a servant of His and a Messenger?" Gabriel signalled him to be humble before his Lord. The Prophet said: "I prefer to be a servant of God and His Messenger." (Related by Ahmad.)

Death and Achievements

Al-e-Imran (The House of Imran) Sura 3: Verse 145

"No soul can die except by Allah's leave according to a prescribed term. If any do desire a reward in this life, We shall give it to him; and if any do desire a reward in the hereafter, We shall give it to him. And swiftly shall We reward those who (serve Us with) gratitude."

In this verse, two weaknesses of the weaker elements in the Muslim community and the hypocrites are pointed out. One, they do not believe that the time of death of every person is fixed and that no one will die before the completion of the prescribed term of life, and that once this term is over, no one will be able to avert death even for a single instant. Therefore, a person's first concern should be to faithfully, firmly and resolutely discharge his obligations towards Allah rather than fleeing from them. The time and manner of every person's death is already fixed and cannot be altered.

Dr Idrice Goumany: a short-lived bloom of an emerging society

By Assad Bhuglah

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Mauritius has always been a land of immigrants. Over the past three hundred years, immigrants came to Mauritius for different reasons: navigators, explorers, colonizers, planters, slaves, lascars, craftsmen, sepoy-prisoners, indentured labourers and traders. Despite many difficulties, the immigrants, irrespective of their race, colour, religion and origin, forged new destinies in their adopted homeland.   Each wave of migrants, in seeking its own freedom and economic well-being, helped to strengthen the fabric of the rainbow nation. It must be reckoned that every aspect of the Mauritian economy has profited from the contributions of the immigrants. In principle, no group can claim that it has more rights and more privileges than other groups of immigrants. The entire fabric of the Mauritian nation is made up of the descendants of immigrants. 


The interplay between the Arabs' lack of a sacred scripture of their own and the culture that prevailed prior to the coming of Islam lay the groundwork for the acceptance of ideas and conceptualizations that were foreign to Islam and which were bound to colour our perceptions of it. One such idea was that of Determinism (al-jabriyyah), that is, the belief that human beings have no genuine free will and that everything we do is predetermined by Fate. Determinism is alien to an Islamic perspective, which places great importance on the moral code and people's accountability before God for their choices and actions. Islam does not acknowledge the notion that God controls human beings' decisions as one of its premises.

Concise Speech

The Prophet (peace be upon him) was sent to address people of every level, from ignorant seventh-century bedouins to those of the highest intellectual and scientific achievements, until the Day of Judgment. No one has yet been able to disprove what he said. Accordingly, after we scrutinize his Traditions and the Quran, we realize that they complement each other in style and content. Moreover, there is no contradiction between them and established scientific knowledge. Ever since the Revelation, billions of people have found in the Quran answers for their intellectual problems, cures for their spiritual diseases, and models for their behaviour in all circumstances.

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