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Fold of Peace

Al-Baqara (The Cow) Sura 2: Verses 207-208

"And there is a kind of man who would willingly sell his own self to please God. And God is gentle to His servants. O you who believe! Enter the fold of peace, all of you. Do not follow in the footsteps of Satan, for he is to you a manifest enemy."

Self-surrender is the most basic concept of faith, it is the condition of placing total trust in the certainty of the existence of God and recognising that one is the creation of a Merciful and Compassionate Creator. The consequence of such consciousness is giving one's self over completely to doing what God has commended, trying to live in this world to earn one's place in Paradise in the Hereafter. The 'fold of peace' is then a state of personal certainty and acceptance, a coming to terms with one's true nature. It is also recognition of the real nature and purpose of the world in which we exist. It is the state of being that one should strive to achieve, a state of being in stark contrast to the arrogant, worldly, domineering and destructive populism; dedicated commitment to working peacefully being the best way to make a better world based on justice, equity and dignity for all.

Global Uncertainty

By Assad Bhuglah

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The world is witnessing a new period of great uncertainty. Security alliances that were established in the post-World War II era are gradually disintegrating at both bilateral and multilateral levels. New coalitions such as the G8 and G20 do not have the capacity to replace them. The dominant discourse of the Washington Consensus for a broadly free market is losing prominence while various forms of neo-protectionism and economic nationalism are rapidly gaining ground. Likewise, the idealistic rhetoric of global integration is rapidly losing confidence. In the wake of rising geopolitical tensions among major global powers, rising far-right movements and xenophobia, economic protectionism and regional turf wars, nationalistic tendencies are strongly raising their heads.

Finding Taqwa

The Prophet (peace be upon him) pointed three times towards his chest and said, "Taqwa (piety) is here".[Muslim]

One might be deceived by searching for taqwa of a person by looking at the way he dresses, or in his countenance and shape, or in his external appearance. But the true centre and source of taqwa is within his chest - in his qalb. The Prophet has drawn our attention with emphasis towards this key point by pointing towards his chest three times.


Whatever of Allah's blessings you receive - His forgiveness, His rewards, His pleasure, and eternal comfort - all will be by dint of your own effort. You will receive these because of your actions. This will be the reward of your own striving. Life is the most precious thing of all. Assume full responsibility for it. Just as a shopkeeper tends his store, a businessman takes care of his trade, or a farmer carefully looks after his farm, you too should take the reins of your life in your hands. So, do open and close the shop at the right times, settle the accounts on a daily basis, and tend to your farm. When you strive to set yourself and your life right, when the desire to succeed here and in the Hereafter overwhelms you, Allah will keep on opening new avenues of growth and progress for you.

Dr Idrice Goumany’s Long Journey to Scotland

By Assad Bhuglah

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Idrice Goumany completed his secondary education at the Royal College in 1880. His parents were firmly determined to enrol him in a medical university in Scotland.  It was indeed a huge challenge for a modest family of Indo-Mauritian origin to take on the pioneering risk of investing heavily in the educational pursuit of their son abroad. While it was an established tradition in those days for Mauritians to study in Universities of London or Paris, Amir Goumany Sr opted to send his son to Scotland which enjoyed a high reputation in Medical studies. His decision might have been influenced by the fact that the elder brother of Hassen Sakir, the classmate of Idrice, was already a doctor qualified from the University of Edinburg in 1880.

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