Continual Sacrifices

Some great sacrifices are such as are made once in life, like that of life. Some are very minor but must be made continuously. Their continuing nature makes them important because of many intangible aspects:

Calm Temperament

The human mind works at its best when the surrounding environment is calm and settled. Likewise, it works at its best when the thinker's temperament is calm. When the human mind is beset with external or internal commotion, its powers become weak and it more easily falls prey to rashness and reckless passion.

It is a strategy of debate to get one's opponent angry, since once the opponent loses his or her composure his or her defeat is almost imminent, especially if one is able to keep one's cool and a smile on one's face.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) warns us that: "Anger is a burning ember in the human heart that is stoked up." [Musnad Ahmad]

Script for Film on Eid

By Assad Bhuglah

At the dusk of 29th Ramadan, the eyes are fixed on sky on west horizon of Mauritius in search of new crescent. If the new moon is spotted, it’s end of fasting and the following day Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated. If no moon is seen, then the Ramadan fasting will continue for another day to be followed by Eid ul Fitr the following day. The Eid is a day of joy, forgiveness and reconciliation. It is not allowed to keep fast on Eid day, but rather have good food and new dresses and thank Allah for this favour.

Away from Misguidance

Al-Rum (The Romans) Sura 30: Verse 30

"Set thy face to religion as a hanif, in the primordial nature from God upon which He originated mankind — there is no altering the creation of God; that is the upright religion, but most of mankind know not."

Beneficial Speech

The believers are encouraged to be thoughtful and to speak only with discretion and forethought as to the likely effects of the words they utter. For those who do so, the following Hadith promises a great spiritual reward:

"When a servant of God says that which is clear and correct (i.e. having given thought to whether it is beneficial or not), through (his words) he is distanced from the Fire by a distance greater than that what is between sunrise and sunset." [Riyad As-Saleheen]