Anguish of Hearts

The anguish of hearts is a gift that reflects the compassion which Allah has placed within you. The tenderness of the heart and the tears that roll from your eyes are also a manifestation of Allah's compassion [which He has endowed you with]. Consider the twinge of your hearts and your moistened eyes as Allah's bounty. The hearts that remain unmoved by the suffering around us and the eyes that fail to well with tears are a sign of one's being removed from Allah's favour, of being impoverished. Remember well that this tenderness of emotions will act not just as the healing balm but will also be your support and a means of reward in the Hereafter.

Turkey-India Entente

By Assad Bhuglah

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The leaders of Turkey and India have decided to take the partnership between the two countries to a higher level. This follows from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan's official visit to India on 30 April and 1 May 2017 in his bid to strengthen Turkish-Indian relations and help the two countries increase their bilateral cooperation in the near future. Erdogan arrived at New Delhi with a delegation of 150 top Turkish businessmen. The Turkish President held bilateral talks with Prime Minister Narendra Modi and External Affairs Minister Sushma in Delhi. Erdoğan's visit to India at this juncture is particularly critical as both Turkey and India represent emerging powers with a strong determination for industrial-technological modernization and socioeconomic development.

More than Religion

Representative democracy may be the greatest social and political experiment in the history of the world. But it is an ever-evolving experiment. These days there is a tendency to regard American democracy as the model for all the world's democracies, and in some ways this is true. The seeds of democracy may have been sown in ancient Greece, but it is in American soil that they sprouted and flourished. Yet precisely for this reason, only in America is American democracy possible; it cannot be isolated from American traditions and values.

Power Organisation

Al-Isra (The Night Jorney)
Chapter 17: Verse 80 (partial)

"and give me a sultan (i.e. power, authority, government) for my help ..."

It is a reality of our world that power only respects power. For transforming society and the world according to Islamic ideals, great power needs to be acquired and mobilised. This is why the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, prayed and worked for gaining power and authority as mentioned in this verse of the Quran.

Turkish Films and Dramas

By Assad Bhuglah

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The Turkish cinema and film industry are aiming to go global. They have also kept up with advances in technology and viewer preferences that enabled them to make features and soap operas like Magnificent Century, a phenomenon that prevailed throughout the Middle East.

For the first time in cinema history, Hollywood paired up with the Turkish film industry for the 54th Anatalya Film festival on 21-27 October 2017. The Ministry of Culture and Tourism threw their full support behind the festival. Actors, directors, studios, and scriptwriters from both Turkey and Hollywood attended the event. Jurors from the Oscar and the Golden Globe awards were also there. The festival brought a wide range of cinema with dramas, comedies and creative documentaries produced by famous moviemakers who deal with current issues with their own cinematic approaches. The Turkish film industry is also envisaging joint collaboration with Bollywood. Turkey and India plan to boost cooperation in cinema, with Bollywood seeking locations to shoot films in western Turkey. Last month, Bollywood actor Aamir Khan visited Turkey and he was cheered by his Turkish fans and was received by President Tayyip Erdogan.