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Madrassah garçon & fille Nov-Dec 2018

Therapy Centre

Ramadan Program 2018


Electronic Surveillance: a choice between privacy and national security

By Assad Bhuglah

Electronic Surveillance or Mass surveillance is the practice of spying on an entire, or significant part
of a population. It can involve anything from CCTV monitoring and email interceptions, to wire-
tapping and computer hacking. Often, electronic surveillance is carried out by the state but it can
also be carried out by corporations, either on behalf of government or on their own initiative.

United Nations: a failed organization?

By Assad Bhuglah

The United Nations, the biggest intergovernmental organization in the world, which was hoped to be
a beacon of peace and stability around the world, is considered incapable of bringing peace to the
most serious conflicts or contributing to the stability of post-conflict societies. Every diplomatic
tension, geopolitical dispute, international conflict and humanitarian crisis contributes to the already
existing negative perception of the organization.

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