Gains and Profits

Al-Baqara (The Cow) Sura 2: Verses 275-276 Those who devour usury shall not rise but as one who blunders through being affected by Satan, for they say, "Buying and selling is like usury," while God had made buying and selling lawful and prohibited usury. Hence, whosoever receives [positively] his[/her] Lord's admonition and gives over, he may keep his past gains, and it will be for God to judge him[/her], but whosoever returns to it, they are destined for the fire, therein to abide. God blots out usury, whereas He augments charitable offerings with fruitfulness [from various angles], and God loves not any ingrate and persisting evil-doer.

A Cohesive Society by Sheikh Ayaz Housee from Dubai

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Entangled Rope

When a rope is totally entangled, you try to find its end so that it can gradually be unravelled. Today our life is tied in knots much like this entangled rope - in its economy, in its politics, in its society, in our day to day affairs, in our psychological issues, in our societal affairs, and in our homes. There are innumerable knots which have enmeshed our rope of life. We need to find at least one end of this rope from some side. We must ensure that after we find an end, we do not procrastinate. We must unravel the mesh completely.