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How I overcame my anxiety and depression: My story

Author: Anonymous

Before everything started, I was living a fairly normal life but was feeling somewhat hurt though, like experiencing an unknown sadness. I think it was because of this sadness that I was shy and not very open as a child. And that was slowly and slowly eating me deep inside. At that time, I never told what was bothering me and any way, at home they never seemed interested to listen to me. I never acknowledged all my feelings and grew older with all these inside, and although I wanted to express those feelings I could not.

Restitution of Rights

There has been a lot of argumentation about secondary cases between scholars whose basic question is, "Did the Messenger of Allah utter this hadith or not?" You may remark, "Deep knowledge of the technical terms becomes the basis for acceptance or rejection of various transmissions." We reply: "That is right — and that is all we mean by its application!" We cling to what our first Imams laid down for us and do not even think about separating ourselves from it. We are simply drawing attention to the fact that aberration and faults in the texts of the hadiths concern the fuqaha as well as those who memorise those hadiths. The fuqaha had a role to play with respect to them in the past and the gravity of the current situation demands further investigation and study.

Parents' Needs

If we were to give a nametag to the society established by the Prophet, we may perhaps call it the "Do Good Society." Islam upholds all the universal values mankind have developed over many generations. In addition, some social values are given particular importance. Foremost among these is dutifulness to parents, even when they are unbelievers.

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